Diverse Sizes and Finishes in Brick Slip Cladding, Enriched by the Integration of the Gebrik Brick Slip System

Gebrik is a unique, innovative, panelised, insulated brick slip cladding system, which is suitable for use on buildings below 18m. It consists of approximately 700 different natural clay brick finishes, in a range of sizes, which are cast in polyurethane under factory-controlled conditions.

With a fire rating of B, s1, d0, the non-load-bearing, lightweight stretcher, stack or Flemish bond cladding panels are produced to create approximately 1m² ‘sheets,’ which can be screwed directly to either masonry, timber or steel frame substrates on site. With a full range of factory-produced or site-applied components to suit external corners, surrounds to window or door openings and any other abutments, the system is restricted only by the architect’s imagination when it comes to design.

Why Use Gebrik?

Features of Gebrik brick slip cladding:

  • Brick cladding can be applied to all common substrates without the need for cavity, closers, brick ties and channels.
  • Lightweight brick cladding and non-load-bearing
  • Over 700 different natural clay brick slips available
  • Exceptional, low U-values with a minimal cladding thickness of 60mm including insulation
  • Up to 650m2 can be supplied on one vehicle, compared to a typical brick delivery, which contains around 165m2
  • Tried, tested, certified, and warranted with nearly 20 years’ experience in UK and approx. 40 years globally

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Specification data - Faced insulating wall panels


Length Height Thickness
1350 mm 675 mm 60 mm

Integral insulation

Material Thickness Thermal conductivity
Manufacturer’s standard 40—45 mm 0.77 W/m·K.


Material Standard
Clay brick slips To BS EN 771-1
Colour Finish
White, Cream, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple, Brown, Blue, Grey, Black Smooth, Sanded, Textured, Dragwire, Creased, Waterstruck, Weathered, Glazed
Length Height Thickness Bond
215 mm 65 mm 15–20 mm Stretcher, Stack, Flemish

Gebrik Installation Process

Gebrik installation is undertaken by a national network of trained and certified specialist cladding contractors in accordance with the Aquarian Approved Installer Network (AIN) Policy. The installation process is fast and straight forward but the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed to ensure validity of certification, insurance and most importantly the long-term durability of the building. On-site guidance, an Installation Manual & Checklist, COSHH data sheets and Operations and Maintenance Manual are available on request.

starter rail

Starter Rail

The non-loadbearing starter rail acts as a starting level, so great care must be taken when fixing. The datum is determined and the rail typically fixed at 600mm centres using appropriate fixing.

first corner

First Corner

A corner piece is typically the first element to be installed which, when combined with the starter rail sets a right angle for installation of the first row of elements.

first panel

First Panel

The first panel is positioned on the starter rail, tightly abutting the corner element. The panel is drilled through and fixed to the substrate (using pre-located fixing positions).

foaming chamber

Foaming Chamber

Expandable PU Foam is injected into an abutment chamber using a pistol applicator supplied as part of the system.

brick slip cladding

Brick Slips

Where elements abut, brick slips are applied on alternate courses to ‘stitch’ them together and maintain the stretcher bond using a system adhesive as tested and certified by BBA.



The whole system must be pointed to conceal all fixings and element abutments. A lime-based Class II mortar is recommended to maintain a traditional brick appearance.

Gebrik Fixings

Gebrik can be applied to many substrates, including clay or concrete masonry, light gauged steel frame walling or timber frame walling, using the appropriate quantity and type of fixings. The brick slip cladding system is applied to a solid background so where either steel or timber stud walling is used, an exterior grade board should first be securely fixed to the vertical studs (typically at 600mm centres) and the Gebrik system can then be applied to the board. The number of fixings for each component depends on the exposure of the building, i.e. typically the height and wind pressure on the finished façade. h = 0 – 10m:use 9 fixings (3 rows of 3) W = 2301 Nm² h = 10 – 18m:use 12 fixings (4 rows of 3) or (3 rows of 4)W = 2565 Nm² h = 18 – 65m:use 16 fixings (4 rows of 4) W = 2831 Nm² If there is any doubt about the type and length of fixing, please contact our Technical Department for further advice.

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10 Year Insurance Backed Warranty

Product Warranty

Gebrik is supplied with a ten year insurance-backed product warranty. To ensure its validity, the system can only be installed by suitably qualified installation contractors, using all components supplied as part of the Gebrik system. Please contact our Commercial Department to obtain an appropriate list of installers and a copy of the insurance document.

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Brick Slip Cladding that exhibits outstanding Thermal Performance

Gebrik is designed to improve the thermal performance of a building and uses expanding polyurethane (PUR), with pentane as the blowing agent. Hence the insulation is CFC and HCFC free and meets the BREEAM credit POL1 relating to the GWP of blowing agents for insulation. The lambda (λ) value of the insulation can be taken as 0.029 W/mK (min 40mm). The lambda (λ) value of the brick slips can be taken as 0.770 W/mK (min 20mm). The system can be supplied with up to an additional 100mm insulation (in 10mm increments) laminated to each component or fixed through (up to) 100mm additional insulation. Please contact our technical department if you require a U-value calculation including risk of interstitial condensation.

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brick slip cladding thermal performance
gebrik artwork render brick cladding

What is Gebrik Cladding?

Gebrik is an insulated brick cladding system. It was originally produced in Belgium in 1982 and since then, has been used across Europe to clad over 30,000 different buildings. In the UK, Gebrik cladding has been in use since 2002. Over 400,000 square metres of Gebrik has been installed on buildings in the UK to create an attractive and effective insulating exterior layer.

Gebrik is completely water resistant. It will protect the exterior of a building against even the harshest weather conditions while still allowing the wall to breathe. Mechanical fixing is used to attach the cladding to the exterior wall. It is suitable for use on most substrates and can be used in both new-build projects and building renovations.

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How strong are Gebrik composite panels?

Although not suitable as a structural support, Gebrik cladding has a high compressive strength. It has excellent physical properties including mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and water resistance. It is also extremely impact resistant so works well as a protective layer on any building exterior.

As Gebrik cladding is mechanically fixed to a building exterior, it is less weather dependent. It is extremely frost resistant and can therefore be used in almost any climate. Although, once installed, Gebrik Cladding is completely frost resistant, care should be taken during installation. To ensure that all cement-based adhesive is not too wet, it must be applied at temperatures of no less than five degrees.

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Gebrik Brick Cladding Panel
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