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With so many external cladding solutions to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing the right one. Here, Julian VenusSales Director of specialist brick cladding systems supplier Aquarian Cladding Systems, explains why brick cladding is so popular – and why Aquarian can provide the perfect brick cladding solution, whatever your project. 

The type of cladding you choose will affect how a building performs in terms of weatherproofing and protection, and the kind of maintenance it will require overtime. It will also define the building’s overall appearance

Despite many different cladding finishes being available, there is still a love for real brick as it’s durable and adds character to a building.  

As a result, brick cladding is proving more popular than ever, as it looks fantastic on both contemporary and more traditional buildings, creating an appearance that is indistinguishable from traditional masonry and perfect where the aesthetic of real brick is required. 

More importantly, however, brick cladding performs the same function as traditional bricks but has other benefits which are useful to any building project. 

A faster – and cheaper – build 

Brick cladding systems can be installed on almost any surface, provided the substrate is structurally sound and able to bear the weight. Once fixed and pointed, they are durable, weatherproof, and maintenance-free. 

Due to their simplicity and ability to be applied in almost all-weather conditions, installation times are dramatically reduced by typically four or five times when compared with traditional masonry construction.  

Brick cladding systems will typically reduce costs by eliminating the need for masonry supports and reducing foundation and structural frame requirements. Prelim costs (including replacing scaffolding with mechanical access equipment and less storage requirements), greater flexibility of build sequence and earlier project completion ultimately leading to less risk of programme over-run, will also contribute to significant savings when compared to traditional methods of construction.  And due to optimisation of palletisation, there are fewer deliveries to site with less storage and movement onsite, all of which will contribute to a tidier, safer, and less expensive site.  

Your vision realised 

Thanks to a hugely versatile and extensive range of natural colours and finishes, brick cladding systems allow for complex and intricate designs that wouldn’t be possible with traditional brick. 

When installed by trained, skilled specialist companies, brick cladding systems will provide an improved quality of appearance compared with brickwork, which can be wildly unpredictable. Our Gebrik brick cladding system is panellised offsite, so its process of manufacture allows for greater quality control and a more consistent and predictable product. 

Brick cladding systems also contribute to thinner walls, allowing the internal floor area to be increased, thus providing commercial benefit and a real value of space. 

And with the pressure to build more sustainably, using brick slips typically requires 80% less volume of clay and mortar. Thinner pieces of clay require less carbon and raw material to produce them, and less mortar means a reduction in the supply, use and storage of cement, sand, and water (the former contributing almost 6% towards UK greenhouse gas emissions!). 

The right solution 

Brick Cladding is transforming the construction industry with a sustainable solution that provides an extensive range of brick finishes without the challenges that come with brickwork installation.  

At Aquarian, we have listened to what our valued clients want and have built our product offering to provide our clients with the right solution, whatever the project. 

For clients who want a lightweight, panelised solution on buildings under 18 metres we have Gebrik, which consists of lightweight panels which are non-load bearing so can be fixed to most common substrates. Manufactured offsite and supplied as approximately 1 sq. metre panels which are easier to handle and quicker to install, clients can choose from approximately 700 different finishes in a range of sizes. 

For those that want a non-combustible, A1-rated solution which can be used at any height, we have MechSlip or NaturAL-X which both use lightweight brick ‘tiles’ with an innovative unique profile to enable them to be mechanically fixed to any substrate, via an engineered aluminium support rail system. MechSlip can be produced from most of the Ibstock brick range (or other brick producers upon request) and NaturAL-X provides a less expensive solution from a limited range of purpose-made extruded tiles. 

All our systems are thoroughly tested and BBA-certified to ensure our clients have the peace of mind that our innovative solutions will provide safe, beautiful brick facades for many years to come.  

Working with architects, contractors, developers and installation specialists, Aquarian’s cladding systems have been used on many award-winning buildings across a wide range of sectors. For more information call 0808 223 9080, email