Brick cladding has become a quicker and more cost-effective construction method of providing the exterior of a building with an authentic brick façade not just in the UK but all over Europe. Brick slips share all the same qualities and traits of a traditional brickwork aesthetic such as diverse design possibilities, and colour and texture variations with the bonus of many practical advantages, such as requiring less labour, for architect’s brick cladding has unlimited design potential where your vision really can become a reality.

The three brick slip cladding systems that Aquarian Cladding provide have unique processes for installing the brick slip, and in this blog, we will discuss the application process for the Gebrik, and the NaturAL-X and MechSlip Brick Cladding systems.

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Proven Strategies for Flawless Brick Cladding Installation


The ‘stitching slip’ method

The Gebrik system, acclaimed for its efficiency and ease of installation, is a B-rated, panelised insulating brick slip cladding system. Suitable for buildings under 11 meters, it has a diverse range of about 700 natural clay brick finishes. Gebrik’s unique ‘stitching’ method for attaching slips sets it apart from traditional bricklaying. Each approximately 1m² panel, comprising 50 factory-cast slips (varies with bond pattern), can be mechanically fixed directly to masonry, timber, or steel frame substrates. A high-performance cement-based adhesive is used to adhere stitching slips to adjoining panels, ensuring the continuity of the bond pattern across the façade. Gebrik’s adaptability eliminates the need for cavities, closers, brick ties, and channels, offering architects and builders enhanced design flexibility.

The ‘brick slip in rail’ system

MechSlip and NaturAL-X are innovative A1-rated cladding solutions, featuring unique profiled brick slips. These systems can be mechanically affixed to many substrates using a robust and lightweight 6063T6-grade aluminium support rail system, enabling architects and specifiers to create a non-combustible, through-coloured brick façade. The process involves securing purpose-made and natural clay brick slips within the rails, following the installation of the backing structure. This approach ensures a seamless finish, significantly reducing installation time and costs. Additionally, a wide variety of colours and textures are available for the brick slip finishes, providing extensive design options.

Ideal Selection for Your Project’s Success

Brick cladding installations and external brick slips have evolved significantly, offering architects and builders a spectrum of options for achieving remarkable aesthetics, durability, and efficiency. Each method—Gebrik’s ‘stitching’ technique into the already premade 1m2 panel and NaturAL-X/MechSlip’s ‘brick slip in rail’ system—holds distinct advantages, making them suitable for various project requirements. By understanding the unique application and installation methods of both, architects, contractors, developers and installation specialists can make informed decisions and select the most suitable option for their projects. Whether it’s a new construction, modular housing or a refit, all options offer a combination of the aesthetics of real brick and the look of traditional brickwork, durability and performance. Choosing the right system depends on the specific needs of the project.

Transform your next project with Aquarian Cladding Systems

Aquarian Cladding Systems stands out for its innovative approaches, offering both methods to help achieve superior results in brick cladding installations. The Gebrik ‘stitching’ with premanufactured panels method or NaturAL-X and MechSlip’s ‘brick slip in rail’ system, underline a commitment to delivering superior results while catering to the unique demands of each project. Understanding these methods equips architects, contractors, developers and installation specialists with the knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring the success of brick cladding installations.

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