The brick cladding market is experiencing a significant shift towards sustainability. There is a noticeable increase in investment from leading companies in the brick cladding industry, demonstrating a growing preference for eco-friendly solutions. As a prominent supplier of cladding solutions, Aquarian Cladding Systems, is at the forefront of this promising future. This blog delves into some of the most notable investments and their implications for the brick cladding industry.

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Is this a sustainable solution?

The trend of investing in sustainable practices within the cladding industry reflects a wider movement. Traditional construction methods and building products, often associated with substantial carbon footprints and resource depletion, are being replaced by innovative alternatives. Architects and developers are increasingly opting for materials that comply with green building standards.

Significant sustainable cladding investment

The brick cladding market is undergoing a shift towards sustainability, with major players in the industry committing to brick slips and sustainable innovation through substantial investments. Recognizing the pressing need to lower carbon emissions in construction, innovative brick manufacturers are exploring ways to decarbonize their manufacturing processes. This includes investments in new factories and automated cutting and shaping technologies to improve the precision and efficiency of brick slip production.

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Notable announcements and investments

Michelmersh recently unveiled HyBrick™, the world’s first 100% hydrogen-fired clay bricks. Wienerberger is investing in a new, CO2-neutral production line for brick slips at its Kortemark factory in Belgium, featuring an electric kiln, as part of its sustainability initiative. UK clay brick manufacturer Ibstock has committed £50 million to establish the country’s first automated brick slips factory at Nostell in West Yorkshire, with a capacity to produce up to 60 million slips annually. Forterra has invested £12 million in the manufacture of clay brick slips at its Accrington factory, aiming to meet the growing market demand with a production capacity of up to 48 million brick slips per year.

A bright future for brick cladding

The level of investment and development in the brick cladding sector indicates a strong potential for market growth. With Ibstock, the UK’s largest manufacturer, investing £50 million in a slip factory instead of a traditional brick factory, it’s clear that sustainable solutions are becoming the main driver of innovation and growth in the industry.

Brick cladding options from Aquarian

As a Modern Method of Construction (MMC), brick slips facilitate a quicker construction process, allowing for earlier completion of wind and water-tight buildings with an authentic exterior brick façade. They also offer the same longevity and durable facade as standard bricks while saving on labour and material costs. At Aquarian Cladding Systems, we provide a variety of exterior brick cladding options that are not only aesthetically pleasing and natural in appearance but also offer a more sustainable building method. Explore our extensive range of high quality brick cladding systems or contact our team for more information.

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