Gebrik Technical Information

The Gebrik External Wall Insulation System provides an insulating decorative cladding for most common substrates eg. masonry, concrete, light gauge steel, timber, etc.
The panels are fabricated in the factory by expanding polyurethane foam in a mould, lined with natural clay brick slips and sand. Corner panels are factory-formed by cutting normal panels and gluing with a two-component adhesive. 

Gebrik Fixings

Gebrik can be applied to many substrates, including clay or concrete masonry, light gauged steel frame walling or timber frame walling, using the appropriate quantity and type of fixings. The system is applied to a solid background so where either steel or timber stud walling is used, an exterior grade board should first be securely fixed to the vertical studs (typically at 600mm centres) and the Gebrik system can then be applied to the board. The number of fixings for each component depends on the exposure of the building, i.e. typically the height and wind pressure on the finished façade. h = 0 - 10m:use 9 fixings (3 rows of 3) W = 2301 Nm² h = 10 - 18m:use 12 fixings (4 rows of 3) or (3 rows of 4)W = 2565 Nm² h = 18 - 65m:use 16 fixings (4 rows of 4) W = 2831 Nm² If there is any doubt about the type and length of fixing, please contact our Technical Department for further advice.

Product Warranty

Gebrik is supplied with a ten year insurance-backed product warranty. To ensure its validity, the system can only be installed by suitably qualified installation contractors, using all components supplied as part of the Gebrik system. Please contact our Commercial Dept to obtain an appropriate list of installers and a copy of the insurance document.

Thermal Performance

Gebrik is designed to improve the thermal performance of a building and uses expanding polyurethane (PUR), with pentane as the blowing agent. Hence the insulation is CFC and HCFC free and meets the BREEAM credit POL1 relating to the GWP of blowing agents for insulation. The lambda (λ) value of the insulation can be taken as 0.029 W/mK (min 40mm). The lambda (λ) value of the brick slips can be taken as 0.770 W/mK (min 20mm). The system can be supplied with up to an additional 100mm insulation (in 10mm increments) laminated to each component or fixed through (up to) 100mm additional insulation. Please contact our technical department if you require a U value calculation including risk of interstitial condensation. 

Fire Performance

The external surface of the system is classified as Class O or ‘low risk’ as defined in the documents supporting the national Building Regulations. The system has been tested in accordance with BS8414-1:2002 and 8414-2:2005. Therefore when classified in accordance with Annex A of BRE report (BR 135:2003) and Annex B (BR 135:2013) Fire Performance of External Insulation for Walls of Multi-Storey Buildings has been shown to have met the performance criteria for use above 18m. Gebrik has also been tested in accordance with EN13501-1:2007 + A1:2009 and classified as follows: *B – in relation to its reaction to fire behaviour *S1 – in relation to smoke production *d0 – in relation to flaming droplets/particles For more information on fire performance please click here

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