Robust and Durable Terracotta Cladding Systems

Terracotta cladding is produced using natural clay, a natural material, fired at high temperatures, to produce large format tiles that are environmentally friendly. They in turn are mechanically fixed to an aluminium support structure to create a striking and contemporary terracotta façade. This robust, durable cladding system is recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly; it doesn’t fade in sunlight, is weather-resistant and is fast and easy to apply.

Suitable for use in both traditional and contemporary buildings, terracotta cladding is proven to outperform alternative cladding systems for durability, as well as offering design freedom and flexibility while creating a naturally beautiful façade. It can be dry-fixed so it’s not weather dependant; it can be used to create stack or stretcher bond in portrait or landscape format, and is available in a large range of colours, finishes and sizes for use as terracotta rainscreens and more. Terracotta cladding is also A1 non-combustible, tested & certified, and is quick & easy to install by approved installers.