In recent years, the construction industry in the UK has been undergoing a significant transformation, with a growing trend towards modular construction. Building various components of a structure offsite in a controlled factory environment, and then assembling them onsite, modular construction offers a range of benefits compared to traditional construction methods, including faster build times, reduced costs, and improved quality control. When it comes to modular construction, brick slip cladding is an ideal choice due to its versatility and practicality.

The speed of modular construction

One of the key advantages of modular construction is the significantly faster timeline it offers for completing projects. Since most of the construction work is carried out in a factory setting, the need for onsite work is reduced, leading to quicker project timelines. This is particularly beneficial for modular projects where speed is of the essence, such as affordable housing initiatives or projects aimed at addressing the housing crisis in the UK.

A higher quality finish

Another advantage of modular construction is the ability to achieve higher quality products in a controlled factory environment. This ensures that each component is produced to exact specifications, leading to a more consistent and reliable result. Additionally, the reduced risk of weather-related delays and other onsite disruptions helps to maintain the quality of the construction process.


Modular construction is a sustainable alternative to traditional builds, offering numerous environmental benefits. By manufacturing components offsite, the amount of waste generated during the construction process is reduced. Additionally, a controlled factory environment allows for more efficient use of materials and resources, significantly minimising waste and producing a lower carbon footprint.

Why is brick slip cladding perfect for modular construction?

Gebrik Brick Cladding Panel

Brick slip cladding is a method of installing brick slips into rails on the substrate or, if you prefer, directly fixing back one sqm of brick slips in a panelised system directly to the exterior of a building. This method offers all the visual appeal of traditional bricks while providing additional benefits specific to modular construction.

One key advantage of using brick slip cladding in modular construction is its faster build time compared to traditional brickwork methods. Since the slips are pre-manufactured offsite, they can be installed much quicker and easier than traditional methods without requiring skilled labour techniques. This significantly reduces overall project timelines and allows for quicker completion, as well as helping to cut construction costs.

Additionally, brick slip cladding offers greater design flexibility compared to traditional bricks since they come in various colours, textures, and patterns. This enables architects and designers to create unique facades that meet their vision while still achieving the desired thermal performance requirements.

Is Gebrik the best brick slip cladding option for modular?

Gebrik stands out as one of the best options for brick slip cladding in modular construction projects. It’s a lightweight system which combines aesthetics with functionality and is perfect for this method of construction, meeting both modern architectural demands and the specific challenges faced within volumetric modular builds, including cutting construction time.

What is Gebrik?

The Gebrik system is a B-rated, panelised insulating brick slip cladding system manufactured under factory-controlled conditions, that is suitable for buildings under 11 meters. It uses a unique ‘stitching slip’ method for attaching slips with each 1m² panel, comprising 50 factory-cast slips (varies with bond pattern), mechanically fixed directly to masonry, timber, or steel frame substrates. A high-performance cement-based adhesive is used to adhere stitching slips to adjoining panels, ensuring the continuity and precision of the bond pattern across the façade.

What makes Gebrik stand out as a modular solution?

A notable feature of Gebrik for modular manufacturers is its ease and speed of installation for time savings, while the lighter weight means less structural loadings placed upon the frame structure thereby reducing costs substantially. In terms of aesthetics, the Gebrik system offers an extensive range of around 700 natural clay brick finishes to choose from ensuring that each project can achieve its desired appearance while still adhering to quality control standards. It is the perfect solution for the modular approach and modular demands.

Gebrik Brick Cladding Panel

A perfect panelised system

With an increasing demand for Modern Methods of Construction and factors such as time, weather dependency, and an ongoing shortage of manual labour needing to be addressed urgently, modular construction is the obvious solution. And there is a growing market for panelised solutions and bridging the gap between pre-cast concrete and completely offsite. Instead of transporting a whole modular building or modular units on the back of a lorry, individual floors and walls, which have been built offsite, and be transported and then put together at a construction site. Gebrik is a factory-produced panelised system in a controlled environment, and each house type can be supplied as a kit of parts, making it quick and easy to install.

The future is modular

Offsite and modular construction are rapidly gaining traction within the UK construction industry due to their numerous advantages over traditional methods. When it comes specifically to choosing cladding systems for these projects, brick slip cladding such as Gebrik stands out as an ideal choice, offering faster installation times, greater flexibility, and aesthetic appeal while being lightweight and easier to transport, meaning cost savings.

Gebrik by Aquarian Cladding Systems

Aquarian Cladding Systems is the leading UK supplier of Gebrik for modular projects in the UK. With their expertise and experience in supplying cladding solutions for various types of construction, they are well-equipped to assist architects, designers, contractors, and developers throughout the design process and ensure successful implementation on-site. With Aquarian as your partner for your next modular project, you can benefit from comprehensive support. Contact the team today to discuss how Aquarian can help.


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