Gebrik Installation

Gebrik installation is undertaken by a national network of trained and certified specialist cladding contractors. The installation process is fast and straightforward but the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed to ensure validity of certification, insurance and most importantly the long term durability of the building. On-site guidance, an Installation Manual & Checklist, COSHH data sheets and Operations and Maintenance Manual are available on request.

Starter Rail

The non-loadbearing starter rail acts as a starting level, so great care must be taken when fixing. The datum is determined and the rail typically fixed at 600mm centres using appropriate fixing.

First Corner

A corner piece is typically the first element to be installed which, when combined with the starter rail sets a right angle for installation of the first row of elements.

First Panel

The first panel is positioned on the starter rail, tightly abutting the corner element. The panel is drilled through and fixed to the substrate (using pre-located fixing positions).

Foaming Chamber

Expandable PU Foam is injected into an abutment chamber using a pistol applicator supplied as part of the system.

Brick Slips

Where elements abut, brick slips are applied on alternate courses to ‘stitch’ them together and maintain the stretcher bond using a system adhesive as tested and certified by BBA.


The whole system must be pointed to conceal all fixings and element abutments. A lime-based Class II mortar is recommended to maintain a traditional brick appearance.

In accordance with the BBA certificate, all system components must be supplied by Isosystems and the application of Gebrik can only be carried out by approved installers, i.e. firms who either:


(1) Employ operatives who have been trained by the Certificate holder or representatives Aquarian Cladding Systems to install the system and who have been issued with appropriate training cards by the Certificate holder or representatives.


(2) Have undertaken to comply with the Certificate holder’s application procedure, which contains the requirement for each application team to include at least one  member with a training card.  Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the BBA certificate and product insurance being invalidated.

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