Gebrik Certification

Setting your products on fire might sound like bad business. But we go to extremes to make sure the systems we supply are built to last. Before they get to you, our products have been through an assault course of testing: for safety, strength, fie, the ravages of weather. So we know every part and panel is fit for a long future. Gebrik may only be a small part of your overall project, a final touch that adds value, style and durability, but the calm simplicity of the system is backed up by tireless research, meticulous attention to detail and years of development.

British Board of Agrement (BBA)

Gebrik has been tested and approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), certificate number 07/2443 for use on masonry (product sheet 1) and framed (product sheet 2) substrates.

Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT)

Gebrik has been tested and approved by Taylor Woodrow Laboratories in accordance with CWCT Standard Test Methods for building envelopes, 2005 for:

  • Watertightness (static pressure)

  • Watertightness (dynamic pressure)

  • Wind Resistance (serviceability & safety)

  • Impact Resistance to BS820

British Research Establishment - Fire Performance

Efectis - Fire Performance

The external surface of the system is classified as Class O or ‘low risk’ as defined in the documents supporting the national Building Regulations. The system has been tested in accordance with BS8414-1:2002 and 8414-2:2005. Therefore when classified in accordance with Annex A of BRE report (BR 135:2003) and Annex B (BR 135:2013) Fire Performance of External Insulation for Walls of Multi-Storey Buildings has been shown to have met the performance criteria for use above 18m. Please contact us for copies of the various BS8414 and BR135 reports.

Gebrik has been tested in accordance with EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 to produce a classification of reaction to fire performance and has been classified as follows:

  •  B - In relation to its fire behaviour

  • s1 - In relation to its smoke production

  • d0 - In relation to its flaming droplets/particles

European Technical Approval and CE Marking for Gebrik.

National House-Building Council (NHBC) Insurance

Gebrik has CE marking and a new European Technical Approval (ETA13/0380) for the production of the Gebrik insulating brick slip, Belstone insulating stone tile and Gecaro insulating terracotta tile cladding systems. Required by law since July 2013, CE marking indicates a compliance with EU legislation of a product, and by affixing the CE marking on Gebrik, Belstone and Gecaro.

Gebrik has been accepted for warranty by NHBC Insurance within their New Home Warranty Scheme, provided the system is used in accordance with the BBA or CWCT certificate.

Premier Guarantee - New Home Warranty 10 Years

Zurich Insurance

Gebrik has been accepted for warranty by Premier Guarantee  Insurance within their New Home Warranty Scheme, provided the system is used in accordance with the BBA or CWCT certificate.

Gebrik has been accepted for warranty by Zurich Insurance when applied to masonry, steel frame or Sips substrates.

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