Brick Cladding Systems

Why Use Brick Cladding Systems?

Aquarian has been supplying brick cladding systems to the UK since 2007 and there are many reasons why our brick cladding systems have been used however mainly to improve the predictability of programme, quality and logistics, which, when looked at holistically, can reduce the construction cost of a building.

These are the main reasons why our customers opt for achieving a brick façade with a brick cladding system:

  • Improved quality of appearance

  • Design flexibility

  • Ease of construction

  • Thinner walls/increased internal floor area

  • Less reliance on good weather

  • Reduction in build programme

  • Reduced impact on environment

  • Elimination of scaffolding

  • Elimination of windposts and support angles

  • Reduction in line loads

  • Reduction in foundation & substrate requirements

  • Reduction in vehicular movements - to site and on site

  • Reduction in storage areas

  • Proven in the UK for over 15 years

Gebrik Brick Cladding System

Gebrik consists of approx 700 different natural clay brick slips, in a range of sizes, cast in polyurethane under factory controlled conditions. Non load-bearing, lightweight stretcher, stack or flemish bond panels are produced to create approx 1m² ‘sheets’ which can be screwed directly to either masonry, timber or steel frame substrates on site. With a full range of factory-produced or site-applied components to suit external corners, surrounds to window or door openings and any other abutments, the system can cater for most architectural designs. In fact, it could be said that as the system is not load-bearing the limits to use of the system are restricted only by the architect’s imagination.

MechSlip Brick Cladding System

MechSlip is a unique brick cladding innovation developed by market leaders Ash & Lacy and Ibstock Kevington, which enables architects and specifiers to achieve natural, through-coloured brick facades with the inspired efficiency and versatility of a mechanically-fixed brick slip cladding system.

Primarily available in a wide range of Ibstock brick finishes cut and grooved to produce slips with a robust, anchored profile, MechSlip is a non-combustible, durable and lightweight system consisting of 6063T6 grade aluminium support rails. It has been robustly tested and meets the rigorous weathertightness standards set by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) and is registered for BBA certification in 2020.

Whether you simply want to match an existing brick finish, or push your design to a whole new level, MechSlip will provide a natural brick façade using real, but thinner, bricks. MechSlip – Real brick. Real possibilities.

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