Designed by Syte Architects and built by Aspect Construction for specialist developer Lightbox, Edward Milner Terrace in Dulwich is a collection of five-storey townhouses built using modern building techniques and laden with smart tech features.

With a strong emphasis on the Georgian and mid-century aesthetic of the area, the contemporary townhouses were clad with the Gebrik Brick Cladding System, courtesy of Aquarian, combined with copper, zinc and large feature windows. Due to its sensitive location, the development provided several challenges for developer Lightbox. One from the very beginning was that another brick cladding system had originally been specified, however the fire at Grenfell Tower underlined the importance of only using correctly detailed solutions that were proven to be safe, regardless of height.

Neither the developer nor architect were satisfied with the information provided by the supplier, and so instead opted for the Gebrik solution, which had more robust and extensive fire test data. The product performance data
was supported throughout by Aquarian’s responsive and professional technical & commercial team. For a site that included 21 protected trees, there were also strict planning requirements regarding the finishes and, with a range of over 700 brick finishes to choose from, project architect Rob Whitlock was able to specify a cream handmade textured brick that met the sensitive local needs.

Matthew Horn of Lightbox said: “We wanted a product that reflected our cutting-edge approach to construction and Aquarian offered the perfect solution of Gebrik, a modern building solution that suited the constraints of our steeply sloping, wooded site.

“We required an externally insulated cladding system that ensured we had maximum internal room sizes on our concrete structure, was quick to install and easy to use. The lightweight and compact nature of the product was
also an important feature on our complex site.” At 60mm thick, the system maximised internal room sizes and as no cutting of the brick reveals was required, there was a saving on time and money thanks to speedy installation. The Gebrik system could also be fixed directly into the concrete of the end units, which had exposed textured walls. With a U-value of 0.19W/m
2K on a 328mm total wall thickness, SAP issues were also greatly

It was not just the benefits of the product but also the service the whole design and construction team received from Aquarian. 

“A key driver in our shift from our original supplier was the Aquarian team. Our architects were given the information they required to drive the project at concept stages, and it gave us the confidence to see the project through in collaboration with Aquarian,” added Matthew. “The Gebrik panels have been easy to use, fast and cost-effective, and the Aquarian team have been responsive and informative for our architects throughout.” Edward Milner Terrace is another project Aquarian is proud to present as a showcase of its expertise. It’s also a perfect example of Gebrik – our robust, intelligent, and innovative brick cladding system, installed by experienced specialists. 

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