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“For me, the job’s all about listening. That’s how I find out exactly what our clients need.
Our products create interest by their very nature: lightweight but robust and high-performing - qualities which mean they’re often perceived to be new and untested. In fact, our key product line’s been manufactured for over 30 years and has a proven track record throughout Europe.
Once people understand how good the product is, my role becomes one of building mutual understanding – finding out exactly what you want, then demonstrating how our products can do exactly what you want them to do. I make sure everyone’s on the same page and that we can deliver on our promises.”
Julian Venus, Sales Director


“Good design means making the intelligent seem simple. I like to understand what the designer has in mind at the earliest stage so we can get to work producing thermal calculations and creating 2D and 3D modelling of a detail so the customer can visualise exactly what the end result will look like, and how it will be achieved.
Attention to detail and a real open-mindedness are what set us apart. We explore every possibility, taking the time to find how to get the best possible result. The challenge for me is bringing two very different worlds together: the architect’s dream and the on-the-ground reality of the construction site. But by listening, thinking and careful planning we make it work.
It takes a lot of liaison and creative thinking but it’s so satisfying when we see even the most complex design completed on time and on budget.”
Roger Inglis, Technical Sales Support

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“I’m Aquarian’s boots on the ground, travelling the length and breadth of the country to deliver on-site technical advice and training, then returning for regular progress reports to keep every build on track.
I tend to work on my own, but in constant contact with the order processing team. It’s an ongoing involvement, all the way through: information, support and communication. The Gebrik system is one of the simplest on the market. It’s a solid, no-nonsense product that the architects, developers and contractors I work with are really buying into.
With the right training, I find installers get the hang of it fairly quickly. Architects seem to like the choice of finishes and the adaptability. Contractors and developers definitely appreciate the efficiency and speed of installation. Once they’ve tried it once, they tend to come back for more, which is always satisfying for me. After all, repeat business is the best feedback I can get.”
Chris Gill, Installation Support


“I’m the voice of Aquarian – the one you’ll probably get when you pick up the phone. I like being at the centre of things, because it’s behind the scenes where everything comes together. We’re a close-knit team, which means that from the moment an order’s placed, we’re in control. I’ll make sure we know exactly what each customer needs and when they need it, then I work proactively with suppliers, hauliers and on-site teams to make sure everything gets where it’s needed.
It’s all about connections, from the relationships we build with our clients to the way our designs have to work in the real-world, from our direct links with suppliers and contractors to the way our products physically lock together. I like to think that I link all aspects of the business, connecting clients to the commercial team, commercial to technical, technical to practical.
After all, good construction means knowing that everything fits together just as it should. And that’s exactly how we do business.”
Paula Hamilton, Sales Order Processing Coordinator

Our Vision?

To be recognised by the UK Construction Industry as a knowledgeable source of information and advice, delivering a reliable supply of modern, lightweight cladding systems that are suitable for cladding the external facades of new and existing buildings. We will conduct our original and inventive business with integrity at all times, delivering a service that is friendly, honest and loyal.

We’re always thinking. Thinking ‘how can this be done better? How can we make your build faster, more efficient and more reliable?’ The answer is innovation, which keeps our proven product line evolving. Our ongoing investment in product development means we consistently deliver robust, efficient building technologies, and we’re always seeking new ways to combine these for improved performance and value. Our off-site manufactured, energy-saving systems and their fast-track construction deliver real benefits to developers, architects and contractors alike. Let us help you build better.

With Aquarian you get brilliance built in. Our vast product knowledge and industry expertise mean we guarantee simpler, faster builds that perform precisely as they should. Our systems are tried and tested, their installation is swift and straightforward and they need little or no maintenance. The benefits we bring to your project are all rooted in working more intelligently, using quality systems and components for streamlined construction and better-performing buildings. We’re happy to provide procurement and technical advice to developers, architects and building contractors to minimise the risk of surprises throughout design, specification, tendering and installation. From residential to retail, public or private sector, we connect current building practice with progressive technologies to save time, money and the environment. .

We’ve always been proudly independent. We started with the simple aim of helping our clients evolve more sustainable building practices for the 21st Century and beyond. Being independent means we can be bold, open to fresh ideas and have the flexibility to customise every project to suit you. It means we’re free to work with whichever suppliers we like, to ensure we deliver the most suitable products for your project. We’re well established but far from stuck in our ways – moving with the times to stay agile, adaptable and ahead of the curve.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on repeat business and by securing business based on recommendations, so we do not need to rely heavily on using our resources to invest in marketing.

This means our time and money can be spent on providing a service to our clients to ensure the relationship is sustainable and strong enough to work together again.

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