Brick Cladding Systems

Brick slip cladding systems are proven in projects across a wide range of sectors, from residential to retail, in both the public and private sector. Whether you require retrofit or modern methods of construction, our cost-effective cladding solutions provide traditional aesthetics and durable performance for the lifetime of your building.


To answer the many requirements of building envelopes and specifically the expectations regarding sun protection, we offer a wide range of terracotta baguettes that can be used to build sunscreens, wall claddings and visual screens. As an integral part of the façade, sunscreens provide thermal comfort, let natural light in, and help reduce blinding effects without blocking visual contact with outside. They truly bring façades to life. They create depth and allow the designers to play with shadows while combining thermal comfort, control of sunlight input and optimization of natural daylight.


  • Effective solar protection

  • Optimisation of summer comfort

  • Wide choice of shapes and colours

  • No glare Phenomenon

  • No noise nuisance due to the wind

  • Unrivalled durability of terracotta

  • Simple and fast installation

  • Existing pre-assembled version at the factory

Long Length Sunscreens 

Short Length Sunscreens 

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