Piterak XS

Piterak®XS clay tiles is a costeffective ventilated wall claddingproduct installed with clips
fixed to vertical profiles. Its lightweight allows easy handling onsite and reduced transportationcosts by optimizing thepalletization.

Aesthetical and modern, Piterak® XS is available up to 150 cm-long, in 13 through-body colours,with smooth or ridged finish. It isalso available in a glazed rangeof 21 standard colours or customshade on request.

Piterak XS

Piterak® XS is a cost-effective ventilated wall cladding product installed with clips fixed to vertical profiles. Its light weight allows for easy handling on site and reduced transportation costs. Aesthetical and modern, Piterak® XS is available up to 120cm-long

Piterak XS features

An economical solution which is quick and simple to use, thanks to its lightness and horizontal rail fixing system:in a running section, the fitting time is assessed at 75 minutes per square meter.
Highly modular: 4 formats; ten colours; three finishes (smooth, sanded, ridged); two widths of horizontal rail (wide and extra-wide) for two different aesthetics; can be fitted with straight or staggered joints.
Its flexibility: it is possible to cut it horizontally and vertically on site which makes it particularly suitable for renovation work.

Piterak XS Advantages

Piterak XS Formats

Zephir® Evolution is available in 5 different heights.

  • Cost-effective double skin cladding

  • Incomparable lightness (30kg/m²)

  • Optimisation of the transport cost (size and weight)

  • Choice of installation: horizontal, vertical 

  • Simple and fast installation using clips

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