Piterak Slim

Piterak® Slim clay tiles is a large size terracotta rainscreen cladding system with overlapping horizontal joints. It is installed with clips fixed on vertical profiles. Used with the V-Clip® system from LABEL Façade, it is officially approved for vertical installation. Piterak® Slim is tough, rated Q4 for impact resistance, and can be used at ground level even in public spaces.

Piterak Slim Terracotta Rainscreen

Piterak ® Slim is a large dimensioned terracotta cladding (up to 1520 mm long and 414 mm height) with horizontal overlap. It is held using clips to a vertical steel framework secured to main structure. Thanks to the V-Clip® system under CSTB technical approval (French certification), Piterak Slim can be fixed vertically. Resistant, it reached high impact resistance performance.

Available in 12 shades, in finishes smooth, grooved or ridged, it has great capacity for customization.

Technical advice CSTB No. 2/10-1403 and BBA certificate 06/4298

Piterak Slim Features

An excellent thickness/performance ratio: in spite of its minimal thickness (3 cm), Piterak® Slim is particularly wind resistant (up to 2359 Pa) and impact resistant (up to Q4 in a standard installation).  Competitively priced for large areas (over 500 sq. m.) due to its optimized manufacturing process.
Adaptable to all façades, since it can be cut both horizontally and vertically on site. Several possibilities for customization upon request: colours, textures, contouring and dimensions (up to 1800 mm long and 500 mm tall).

Piterak Slim Advantages

  •  Many customization possibilities

  •  Choice of installation: horizontal, vertical

  •  Simple and fast installation using clips

  •  High impact performance: for installation at ground level

Piterak® Slim is available in 6 different heights.

Piterak Slim Formats

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