Gebrik is supplied exclusively throughout the UK by ACS and can only be purchased by specialist cladding contractors who will manage the cladding package on a sub-contract basis to the main constructor and have an agreed credit facility with ACS that is appropriate for the project value and programme.
Upon request, a selected list of specialist cladding contractors will be submitted by ACS to the main constructor. The list will be based on an assessment by ACS of matching the project information provided by the main constructor with information provided by the specialist cladding company.
The appointed specialist cladding contractor must either:
  • directly employ or sub-contract installers and supervisors who have been trained and approved by ACS to install the Gebrik system
  • undertake to comply with the ACS application procedure, containing the requirements for each application team to include at least one approved installer and supervisor per 4-man team, subject to at least one inspection per annum by ACS.
The main constructor will appoint and manage the cladding company so it is their responsibility to satisfy themselves that the appointed company can demonstrate that they employ (either directly or indirectly) approved installers and ensure the system is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. ACS has no influence over the companies on the list so the information provided by ACS should not be interpreted as an endorsement by ACS.
ACS can provide additional guidance and quality control support upon request however it accepts no responsibility for the appointment, management, performance, safety, conduct and financial performance of the appointed cladding contractor and its installers.
Approved Installer Process
For detailed information on the approved installer process please contact us on the details below.

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