Brick slip cladding systems are proven in projects across a wide range of sectors, from residential to retail, in both the public and private sector. Whether you require retrofit or modern methods of construction, our cost-effective cladding solutions provide traditional aesthetics and durable performance for the lifetime of your building.

Gebrik Brick Cladding System

Gebrik consists of approx 700 different natural clay brick slips, in a range of sizes, cast in polyurethane under factory controlled conditions. Non load-bearing, lightweight stretcher, stack or flemish bond panels are produced to create approx 1m² ‘sheets’ which can be screwed directly to either masonry, timber or steel frame substrates on site. With a full range of factory-produced or site-applied components to suit external corners, surrounds to window or door openings and any other abutments, the system can cater for most architectural designs. In fact, it could be said that as the system is not load-bearing the limits to use of the system are restricted only by the architect’s imagination.

Gebrik Installer
Gebrik Infographic

Gebrik Production Video

The below is a video of the manufacturing process of the Gebrik Brick Cladding System, at Isosytems Factory in Belgium.

Gebrik Perception
Gebrik Perception Angel Lane
Gebrik Perception

Latest Time-lapses

These time-lapse videos show different constructions of our projects, then finished in Gebrik Brick Cladding

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