Brickwork facade in London

Aquarian was initially approached by Bouygues’ design team, who wanted to achieve a brickwork façade using mast climbers. They quickly identified that Gebrik would allow the brick cladding to be incorporated within other trades using mechanical access, enabling a quicker build programme without the need for scaffolding. Gebrik’s BBA certification also ensured warranty provider NHBC would approve its use, provided the entire build-up met specific condensation risk analysis figures in line with BS5250:2002 – but with NHBC parameters.

“We believed Gebrik installation would be generally easier than brickwork,” explains Guillame Simon, Project Manager for Bouygues UK, “as its installation is typically less affected by weather conditions, it needs less storage and load space on site than brick, and can be installed safely from mast climbers. Its adaptability also made it possible to coordinate with GRC features, which would have been difficult using traditional brick.

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